Proper Nutrition For Your Puppy Is Important

parkside animal hospital veterinarian holding australian shepherd puppies.

Puppies experience a great deal of the world through their teeth, gums, and taste buds. They definitely get into the strangest things, and will try to put just about anything in their goofy little mouths. Providing the right types of food at particular stages in their development is key to proper growth and long-term health. Let’s dig into what constitutes a healthy diet for a puppy, and when to graduate to adult food.


Reasons Why Your Dog or Cat Needs An Endoscopy 

cat getting an endoscopy at the veterinary.

If your veterinarian has scheduled an endoscopy, you might be wondering what it is or why your pet needs one. What does the procedure look for? How can it help your pup or kitty? The team at Parkside Animal Hospital has performed many endoscopies. We’d like to share the reasons why your veterinarian might recommend an endoscopy for your dog or cat. 


Suffer No More: Treatment Options for Cat Arthritis

A member of the Parkside Animal Hospital team giving laser therapy to a cat.

The feline species is known for being somewhat secretive. Just because cats don’t complain doesn’t mean that they don’t hurt. Parkside Animal Hospital is proud to advocate for pain management for cats and is excited to have some new options to help.


Improve Your Pet’s Well-Being with Non-Invasive Laser Therapy

Dog receiving laser therapy.

If there was a safe, non-invasive way to help your pet feel better and heal faster, wouldn’t you want to know about it? Parkside Animal Hospital wants to share a little secret with you—it exists! Laser therapy for pets is gaining traction in the veterinary world, and we have the information you need to know to make an informed decision for your pet. 


Laparoscopic Surgery: What It Is, How It Benefits Pets

Chocolate lab at veterinary surgical office.

Pet surgery techniques have grown increasingly more sophisticated, and today, some veterinarians offer the option of laparoscopic surgery for certain cat and dog procedures. We’re proud to offer this minimally-invasive technique at Parkside Animal Hospital, and we’ve put together some information to help you learn more about laparoscopic surgery and its advantages for your pet.


FAQ Guide for New Puppy Parents

A puppy.

There’s nothing quite like bringing home a new puppy. If it’s been a while since you last had a puppy or you’ve never adopted a puppy before, you’re in for a wild and rewarding ride. Of course, you probably have a ton of questions. From figuring out potty training to knowing when to spay or neuter your young dog, there’s a lot to learn. Take a look at these FAQs to prepare for your journey through puppy parenthood. 


Pet Dental Health Is More Than Clean Teeth

Dog receiving a professional dental cleaning at the veterinary hospital.

Responsible pet ownership is no small achievement. Every single day, there are dozens of choices that either support a pet’s health and well-being or fall short of meeting their needs. Of all the things owners can do to care for their pets, including providing the best food, exercise, and bonding experiences, taking care of their teeth and gums is a hugely important choice. This task not only keeps their mouth free of bacteria, plaque, and tartar, but prioritizing pet dental health could add years to their life!


A Close Look at the Cost and Benefit of Dog Dental Treats 

A treat is just a treat unless, that is, it’s working to lift unhealthy plaque off the surface of the teeth. Then it’s more like medicine, although your dog doesn’t need to know that. While many dental chews are worth the money, not all dog dental treats provide the same health benefits. We’ll help you decide if dog dental treats are something to consider, or whether they’re not worth all the hype.


Winter Safety for Dogs in Ontario

Happy woman with Bernese mountain dog outside during snowfall.

One thing that’s certain in Ontario: winter is bound to be cold. With the harsh weather comes special pet care concerns as well. Parkside Animal Hospital has all the best tips for winter safety for dogs. Read on to keep your pet healthy and warm this season.


Interpret Cat Body Language, Earn Trust

Curious indoor cat looks surprised,

Cats are beloved by people worldwide and have been for millennia. But that doesn’t mean they are fully understood. Generally speaking, cats are on the mysterious side and they leave us guessing about their emotions or states of mind. Cats can also be incredibly shy or timid; we’ve all heard the phrase “scaredy cat.” The good news is that we can communicate with them by acknowledging and untangling cat body language.