cat adoption.

June is Adopt-A-Cat-Month. If you’ve been wondering if now is the right time to bring home a shelter cat, we can assure you, it is. With “kitten season” in full swing, there seem to be more cats available than there are homes. Adopting a cat makes a difference in the life of one cat, but the good deed goes far beyond a single kitty. 

The Logic of Adoption

Adopting a shelter cat has the potential to change many other lives than the cat going home. An empty cage and bed means that another cat has the chance to hit the adoption floor and meet prospective owners. While most cat owners would love to see all cats go to new, loving homes, the fact is that unchecked breeding leads to more homeless kittens. When you adopt a cat shelter cat, you interrupt this cycle, if only for a moment, and create a new opportunity for another cat. 

This is probably the most important reason of all to adopt a cat. For good measure, we’ll include 3 more reasons to tip the scale. 

Reason # 1: Cats Make Life Fun

Is there anything better than sharing your life and home with a beautiful, sleek, intelligent, and snuggly feline? We don’t think so, and millions of other Canadians agree. Cats simply make any house they share immediately more wonderful, curious, and cozy. 

Cats are charming most of the time, mysterious sometimes, and always crafty. You might not know what they’re thinking at any given moment, but when you find out you’ll either be thoroughly entertained or completely smitten. What’s more, simply petting a cat can release endorphins in the brain, which adds to your happiness and well-being. Reducing stress and improving mental health are the cat’s pajamas!

Reason #2: Inexpensive and Low-Maintenance

Shelter cats are already vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed or neutered. Sure, there are upfront costs associated with their nutrition and environment, but the cost of cat ownership decreases over time. While they’ll still need and benefit from routine wellness care, including vaccinations, parasite prevention, and dental care, cats are perceived as less expensive than other pets. Plus, with their independent natures, cats can also be sized up as low-maintenance. 

Reason #3: Everybody Loves a Cat

Okay, so maybe your dog or resident cat may have strong opinions about a new cat. But with time, consistency, and positive reinforcement training, the potential for a lifelong friendship is there. As we mentioned above, cats make life more fun, and the impact they can have on other animals can’t be ignored. This is especially true for an aging, solitary cat that could benefit from socialization and exercise with a younger brother or sister cat. 

You may opt for a kitten, but an adult or older cat may already know what it takes to share space with other pets. And, better yet, their personality is already formed so you may

Cat Ownership for the Win

This Adopt-A-Cat month is the perfect time to bring home a new furry friend. If you have questions about cat health and care, please call us at (705) 223‑3404. Our team at Parkside Animal Hospital is always here to help!