Cat behavior.

Cats are known for being cuddly, curious, and downright cute, and at Parkside Animal Hospital, we love helping you keep your felines healthy and happy throughout their lives. We are a certified Cat Friendly Practice®, which means we strive to always give your cats the least stressful experience possible, whether you’re here for a routine preventive care visit, or something more complex like a surgical procedure. Your cat’s comfort is always our number one priority! 

In honor of our fabulous feline friends, we’ve compiled some cute cat behaviors and what your cat friend might be trying to tell you. 

Making Biscuits

All cat owners are familiar with the unique cat behavior known as kneading or “making biscuits.” Cats enjoy kneading on soft surfaces like blankets or pillows, and of course, your lap! This behavior is thought to be related to a kitten’s instinct to stimulate her mother’s milk. When your cat lovingly kneads your legs (claws and all!), you can be sure her affection for you runs deep. 

Knocking Items Off of High Places

Countless YouTube videos document this mischievous, counter-clearing cat behavior. Just what is it about knocking objects off of shelves that cats delight in so much? Cats instinctively swat at prey, so she may be checking out that delicate vase to see if she can “overpower” it, or she just might want your attention. Be sure she has plenty of indoor stimulation throughout the day, and perhaps she won’t attack your belongings so much.

The Zoomies

When your feline dashes through the house at breakneck speed—quite often late at night—she may be trying to re-energize herself after sleeping all day or practicing her instinct to chase down prey. Oddly enough, you might also witness this behavior after she uses the litter box! Occasionally, this can mean that the process was uncomfortable and may warrant a cat wellness checkup

Tucking Themselves Into Tight Spaces

If you’ve ever opened a dresser drawer or pulled back the blankets on your bed and found a cat napping, you’re not alone. Cats love to curl up in cozy spaces, like boxes, cabinets, and corners. This cute cat behavior has probably been handed down by their ancestors, who slept hidden away from predators.

Singing the Song of Their People

Cats have quite the repertoire of musical sounds! They will chatter and chirp with excitement at the birds outside; meow to greet you or to ask for food; and belt out sing-song yowls when something in their domain isn’t up to par. A cat will often yowl at another cat outside; when she’s lonely or trapped; or when something in her environment has changed. If you have a senior pet, it’s best to give us a call, in case she is yowling due to pain or dementia. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed our exploration of cute cat behaviors, and we look forward to seeing your favorite feline at your next cat wellness visit.