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A woman bends down to pet her dog.

Can My Pet Make Me Sick? An Overview of Zoonotic Diseases

This past year the global pandemic has been on everyone’s mind, but you probably haven’t thought about your pet (including exotics) in this age of social distancing.  You may have even heard more about the term zoonosis these days, which means a disease that can be passed from animals to people. House pets do carry […]

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HONK-Wheeze: What Is a Reverse Sneeze?

Have you ever been sitting enjoying some quality time with your dog when they let out a weird, honking noise and appear to be struggling to breathe?  This scary phenomenon is called inspiratory paroxysmal respiration, also known as the reverse sneeze. While it seems like something for dog owners to worry about, in most cases […]

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The Pet Lover’s Guide to Paw Diseases

There may not exactly be such a thing as a puppy podiatrist, but that doesn’t mean that pets don’t have trouble with their feet. Paw problems are a real issue, and Parkside Animal Hospital is equipped to help you and your furry friends with paw diseases of all kinds. Protecting Those Pads   As a […]

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Options for Safe Exercise and Fun After Your Dog Has Surgery

After your dog’s surgery, they will need plenty of rest and physical restriction for recovery to be a success. This may mean they will be crated or otherwise immobilized during those crucial few weeks after an operation. Gradually, your pet will need to move and get some level of physical exercise as they build strength […]

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pet dental visit

A Toothy Topic: Why Dental Care for Pets Is Important to Overall Health

Aside from the occasional dental chew, most pets don’t get much attention to their dental care. After all, wild animals seem to get on okay without toothbrushing, so why wouldn’t that be true for a companion animal?  Actually, there is every reason why pet dental care should be on the top of the pet care […]

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