Signs of Feline Stomatitis and Gingivitis in Cats

cat teeth and gums.

Most of us know that any word ending in “-itis” usually isn’t good. In fact, the suffix refers to disease characterized by inflammation. Because of the enormous impact that dental health has on the whole body, we emphasize dental cleanings 1-2 times a year. Additional tactics at home, such as daily or weekly brushing, dental chews, or even water additives, can prevent gingivitis and stomatitis in cats. 


Feline Veterinarians: Why Your Cat Deserves Specialized Care

cat at parkside animal hospital in north bay canada.

Sassy, finicky, and incredibly inquisitive, cats have high standards, and so do we! At Parkside Animal Hospital, we’re proud to be a certified Cat Friendly Practice®, which means we take the care and comfort of our feline friends seriously. Cats have unique behaviors and healthcare needs, and we provide customized care in a manner that causes as little stress as possible to our cat patients. 

Keep reading for more reasons why your fabulous feline deserves a cat veterinarian: 


Endoscopy for Diagnosis of Gastrointestinal Disorders in Pets

Medicine is an ever-changing science, with new options emerging all the time. Not only are new discoveries happening, but new surgical techniques are also being developed. In particular, endoscopy has allowed us to do more than ever with less invasive methods for our patients. Parkside Animal Hospital is happy to be able to offer this technology to better care for the pets that depend on us.


Detection and Diagnosis of Foreign Body Ingestion in Dogs and Cats

cartoon of dog xray.

The ingestion of a foreign body is a common complaint among veterinary patients. After all, pets learn about their world through their senses, and they just like to eat in spite of flavor or the potential for danger. 

A foreign body is something inside the body that’s not supposed to be there. The risk of moving certain objects through the gastrointestinal tract is incredibly high, and some items simply get stuck where they don’t belong. Luckily, veterinary diagnostics techniques and even surgery can save the day. 


What Is Canine Parvovirus: Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention

Hospital treatment for canine parvovirus.

There are several canine vaccinations that are vitally important for disease prevention. While we customize every patient’s care, we always recommend the canine parvovirus vaccination.

One of the most common diseases in dogs, parvovirus, can be effectively prevented throughout a dog’s life with routine boosters. 


Understanding Environmental Allergies in Pets Living in North Bay, Ontario

cat sitting in a tree surrounded by autumn leaves.

Our pets can suffer from seasonal allergies, too. Since allergy outlooks are typically high in spring and summer, pets can be exposed to various allergens that make for an uncomfortable time. By the time the leaves start changing, allergy season has reached its apex. So how do yu help your pets overcome their symptoms? Keep reading to find out.


Proper Nutrition For Your Puppy Is Important

parkside animal hospital veterinarian holding australian shepherd puppies.

Puppies experience a great deal of the world through their teeth, gums, and taste buds. They definitely get into the strangest things, and will try to put just about anything in their goofy little mouths. Providing the right types of food at particular stages in their development is key to proper growth and long-term health. Let’s dig into what constitutes a healthy diet for a puppy, and when to graduate to adult food.


Reasons Why Your Dog or Cat Needs An Endoscopy 

cat getting an endoscopy at the veterinary.

If your veterinarian has scheduled an endoscopy, you might be wondering what it is or why your pet needs one. What does the procedure look for? How can it help your pup or kitty? The team at Parkside Animal Hospital has performed many endoscopies. We’d like to share the reasons why your veterinarian might recommend an endoscopy for your dog or cat. 


Suffer No More: Treatment Options for Cat Arthritis

A member of the Parkside Animal Hospital team giving laser therapy to a cat.

The feline species is known for being somewhat secretive. Just because cats don’t complain doesn’t mean that they don’t hurt. Parkside Animal Hospital is proud to advocate for pain management for cats and is excited to have some new options to help.


Improve Your Pet’s Well-Being with Non-Invasive Laser Therapy

Dog receiving laser therapy.

If there was a safe, non-invasive way to help your pet feel better and heal faster, wouldn’t you want to know about it? Parkside Animal Hospital wants to share a little secret with you—it exists! Laser therapy for pets is gaining traction in the veterinary world, and we have the information you need to know to make an informed decision for your pet.