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  • Traditional and Laparoscopic Surgery

    A pug laying on the ground

    Traditional and Laparoscopic Surgery

    It can be stressful learning that your pet needs surgery. Rest assured we do all we can to minimize risks, keep your pet comfortable, and get him or her on the road to healing as soon as possible.

    Our surgical team

    What is Laparoscopic surgery?

    We’re pleased to offer our patients the benefits of laparoscopic surgery—the gold standard in human medicine for years. Laparoscopy involves making two tiny (5 mm) keyhole incisions, one for a fiber optic camera, and one for a surgical instrument.

    The advantages of laparoscopy include the following:

    • Markedly shortened recovery times (back to function in 72 hours)
    • Decreased risk of certain complications
    • Out-patient procedures
    • 65% less pain

    We currently use laparoscopy for our spays and cryptorchid neuters, liver biopsies, and gastropexy procedures. Occasionally, we might use laparoscopy for exploratory reasons, but that’s only when ultrasound isn't sufficient.

    A patient being intubated

    Soft Tissue Procedures

    We also perform a wide-range of traditional, soft tissue procedures, which are surgeries that do not involve the bones or joints. We do not perform orthopedic surgery, but we can cast a broken bone and send you to a specialist.

    Common soft tissue surgeries include:

    • Lump removals
    • Cystotomy
    • Foreign body removal
    • C-section

    Surgery Safety

    All surgery pets undergo a full physical examination and have diagnostic bloodwork prior to their procedures. Our in-house lab can give us anesthetic bloodwork results in about 12 minutes. If something unexpected shows up during the exam or bloodwork, we will contact you immediately so that together we can decide the next steps.

    Dental Diagnostics

    Our digital dental x-rays are vital when it comes to determining the scope of your pet’s dental needs. We perform x-rays before and after your pet’s procedure to ensure that we’ve addressed all tooth decay.

    At Parkside Animal Hospital, we are committed to treating your pet with the best available care. That’s why the whole team wears a smile when we know we have "left no rotten tooth behind" and have made a real difference in your pet's life!

    Call us today if you have concerns about your pet’s dental health.