cat at parkside animal hospital in north bay canada.

Sassy, finicky, and incredibly inquisitive, cats have high standards, and so do we! At Parkside Animal Hospital, we’re proud to be a certified Cat Friendly Practice®, which means we take the care and comfort of our feline friends seriously. Cats have unique behaviors and healthcare needs, and we provide customized care in a manner that causes as little stress as possible to our cat patients. 

Keep reading for more reasons why your fabulous feline deserves a cat veterinarian: 

Stress is a Serious Concern for Cats

We know that earning a cat’s trust is tricky. New people, strange places, and loud noises can trigger extreme anxiety in cats, and that makes it difficult to conduct proper examinations. As a certified Cat Friendly Practice, we go the extra mile to ensure that cats are handled gently and treated in a quiet area separated from other animals. 

Cats Aren’t Small Dogs

Cats have unique nutritional needs (they are obligate carnivores), their own feline vaccine schedule, and their own feline-specific parasite preventives. In fact, flea and ticks meds made for dogs contain a synthetic compound that can be fatal to cats. 

Cats are Masters of Disguising Illnesses

Cats are born with an instinct to bottle up their symptoms indefinitely, and often by the time there are outward signs of an illness, the disease process is far underway. This is why routine wellness care for cats is a must. At each checkup, we perform a thorough physical examination, administer vaccinations according to the feline vaccine schedule, and recommend appropriate diagnostics to catch early warning signs of medical conditions. 

We understand the significance of informed pet owners who can provide attentive care at home, ensuring their cats receive consistent well-being checks between veterinary visits. During the physical exam, we go a step further by educating clients on the clinical signs to watch for to recognize when something might be amiss. We believe client education is paramount, empowering pet owners to be vigilant partners in their feline companion’s healthcare journey. Our veterinary team and experienced specialized feline veterinarian understand subtle signs of discomfort, changes in behavior, or potential red flags exhibited by cats that may indicate a health concern. 

Cats Are Susceptible to Serious Feline Diseases

A cat veterinarian knows that cats are predisposed to certain medical conditions, particularly as they approach their golden years. Here are some feline diseases that require a proper diagnosis and early intervention:

  • Feline Chronic Kidney Disease can stem from infections, inflammation, kidney stones, and high blood pressure. Symptoms include increased thirst, weight loss, incontinence, and vomiting.
  • Feline Lower Urinary Tract Diseases include UTIs, bladder stones, idiopathic cystitis, and cancer of the bladder. The most common sign is a cat urinating outside the litter box
  • Cats with arthritis can have issues with mobility, experiencing discomfort and stiffness in their joints. Feline arthritis is a common condition in aging cats and affects the cartilage between their joints, leading to pain and reduced flexibility.
  • Dental Disease can start to develop by the time a kitty is 3 years old. Proper dental care is critical for overall health.
  • Chronic Pain isn’t a specific illness, but many disease processes cause significant pain, and a cat veterinarian will know how to safely mitigate a cat’s pain for optimal quality of life. 

Cats Need Feline Vet Care

Our team at Parkside Animal Hospital is here with cat friendly wellness care and treatment for feline diseases. Please  contact us at (705) 223-3404 to schedule a visit or if you have questions about our services.