That Sinking Feeling…Is it a Pet Emergency?

pet emergency

One of the worst fears for a pet owner is the thought of their pet suffering an accident or illness. While we certainly don’t want to alarm you, statistics show the majority of pet owners have to make at least one trip to an emergency clinic during the lifetime of their pet. Thankfully, many of these scenarios end favorably, with the pet expecting a full recovery.

The problem with a pet emergency is that it can sometimes be elusive. Does vomiting signal an emergency? What if your pet is bitten by another animal but seems OK on the surface? The fact is, many of us adopt the wait and see tactic or jump on Google to look up our pet’s symptoms.

Your friends at Parkside Animal Hospital want to diffuse some of the fear and confusion around what constitutes a pet emergency.


Beneath the Surface: The Importance of Routine Pet Wellness Exams

pet wellness exams

No one knows your pet better than you. In fact, you understand them so well and anticipate their every need, that a regular doctor’s exam might seem unnecessary. In truth, it’s what you can’t see that can cause problems down the road. Because pets can’t tell you what hurts, they often suffer in silence until, finally, pronounced symptoms indicate a serious condition.

 Pet wellness exams give us the opportunity to care for your pet together. Not only can we update important vaccinations and parasite preventives, we can also help you provide the best possible life through consistent and clear communication.