A tan-furred dog squatting

Although we may wish for it, there is no poop fairy to clean up after our pets. This responsibility of pet ownership falls squarely on our shoulders. Aside from making us a good neighbor, scooping the poop of our furry pals helps to keep the environment cleaner and prevent disease as well. 

Parkside Animal Hospital gives you the lowdown on why scooping the poop is important. 

A Stinky Situation

With nearly 6 million dogs in Canada, you can imagine what would happen if none of us cleaned up after our dogs. It’s a stinky situation and a serious one – in fact, pet waste is a major contributor to pollution in our waterways. 

Here are the top reasons for scooping the poop:

Dog waste is an environmental pollutant – As stormwater flows off your property (or off of parks or public walkways), it flows into storm drains or ditches and directly to waterways. Along it’s way, it also picks up bacteria, contagions, and parasites from dog waste left on the ground.

Dog poop doesn’t just disappear – It can end up closing beaches due to high bacteria count and has detrimental effects on both human health and pet health. Roundworm, a common parasite, can live in the soil and water for years. Even if you can’t see the dog poop, the effects of leaving it on the ground are there.

Dog poop can make you sick – Remember all those bacteria, contagions, and parasites? They can make you and your family sick. Children are especially at risk, since they may play on the ground and are often indiscriminate about what they put into their mouths. 

Dog poop can make other dogs sick – If your pet is sick from a bacterial infection or has parasites, the offending microbes are shed in your pet’s stool. If not picked up, the area can become contaminated. The longer the dog waste sits on the ground, the more contaminated the area becomes. Other dogs (or the same dog, for that matter) who come into contact with this infectious stool can become ill again and again. 

Dog poop is not fertilizer – This is a popular and completely incorrect assumption. Unlike the waste of herbivores like horses or cows, dog poop does not contribute to the soil in any way. In fact, it can deplete soil of beneficial bacteria. 

Dog poop is gross – We’re sorry (not sorry), but having to step over or around (or in) dog poop can ruin even the best walk, run, or hike. Please don’t be the one who leaves a mess for others to clean up. Scooping the poop yourself is the polite thing to do. 

Scooping The Poop

A doggy poop bag container
Parkside Now has poop bags! Come on in a get one!!

When you’re out and about, the easiest thing to do is to carry pet waste bags with you wherever you and your dog go. Stash some in the glove compartment, in your stroller, or even with your dog’s leash.  Some parks and public places have poop bag dispensers, but it’s always good to have a backup of your own. We are currently offering free poop bags to all of our pet owners! Make sure you stop by our office before we run out! 

At home, invest in a poop clean up kit and commit to cleaning up daily. You could also look for a service who will come to your home and do it for you, if you’re truly averse to the idea. 

Either way, regularly scooping the poop will contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment for you, your neighbors, and your dog. 

Please give us a call if you have any questions about pet health and well being