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In Hospital Care

No one likes to stay in the hospital – but if your hospital room was more like a spa, the food was like eating in a gourmet restaurant, treatments were done with as little discomfort as possible and everyone around truly cared about you: maybe it wouldn’t be so bad! At Parkside this is what we are going for! Some of the ways we are trying to improve your vet care pet hospital experience when they have to be in hospital are listed below.

  1. A quiet environment – this is incredibly important so that they may sleep peacefully and to decrease stress levels – we know stress slows healing and combating it is number one!
  2. The hospital was designed so that all pets are visible from the treatment area (where our team works) at all times – NO one puts baby in a corner!! We felt so strongly about this that we designed our hospital around it. We want to know what is going on with your pet care every minute of the day and love to send owners pictures with updates.
  3. Cat and dogs are kept completely separate – cats are control freaks! (and we love them) – even if they have a dog at home – another dog is not the same – and that is scary.
  4. We have a comfort room with a leather couch and fireplace so that family visits are easy. The comfort room also has a dutch door (the bottom and top open separately) so that patients who do not do well in a kennel can rest on the couch all day where we can see them.
  5. Temperature – we don’t like to be cold and don’t think our patients do either! In floor heating makes our runs nice and comfy for bigger dogs (or for little dogs who think they are big dogs). Every patient gets warm bottles, discs, or use of the bear hugger to make sure they are snug as a bug! Even IV fluids are put through a “fluid warmer” to ensure your pet’s body temperature stays at optimal.
  6. Extra details – we work hard to ensure patient comfort – new ideas come to us everyday and we thrive on upping our game for every patient! Our new IV lines, for example, have extra injection ports so that if a pet is sleeping we don’t have to wake them up, to extend their leg, to give medications IV.
  7. TLC – the best part! Hugs, massages, pets and love are our favorite part! At Parkside we feel that the patient to care giver ratio is incredibly important and we will always make sure that your pet receives one on one, individualized care to ensure a speedy recovery.
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