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Pet Diagnostics

pet diagnostics We all know that it is hard to get where you want to go without checking a map. Road signs are always helpful, but they are seldom enough to get exactly where you want to go, without a lot of driving around in circles. At Parkside we prefer to never to drive around blindly, as our destination is always the same, your pet’s health and happiness. Although many patients have similar signs, each case can be like a new city. Diagnostics provides us the necessary information to navigate to your pet’s health with precision, accuracy and timeliness.

Once an initial assessment has been done, your veterinarian will discuss the options for further pet diagnostics with you and together we will develop a pet diagnostic plan. This may include blood work (blood chemistry and complete blood counts), x-rays, urinalysis, parasite detection, vaccination titers, cytology/histology, ECG, blood pressure, tonometry (eye pressures), and many other things. All of these things are available at Parkside. We also enjoy excellent relationships with specialists and referral hospitals, for diagnostics such as ultrasound, CT, MRI, contrast studies, spinal fluid taps, echocardiograms, etc. Some blood work and special tests need to be sent to reference laboratories, which is all handled at our end. At Parkside our promise to you is that no test will ever be performed without your consent and we will never suggest a test your pet doesn’t need.

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