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Pet Dermatology

pet dermatology The definition of dermatology: “A branch of medicine dealing with the skin, its’ texture, functions, and diseases.”
To the team at Parkside, Pet dermatology means so much more about Pet care.

In Northern Ontario many of us know what black fly season is like and of course the terribly uncomfortable itchiness that ensues. We all know our pets are very stoic and can’t tell us what they are feeling. Can you imagine being so itchy you would pull out your hair?

At Parkside we strive to STOP THE ITCHING!

A large part of dermatologic conditions in animals are allergies – both food and environmental. How many people do you know today who have allergies? (Peanuts, strawberries, ragweed, dust mites, pollen, perfume, cats?). In fact food allergies in children in Canada rose by 50% between 1997 and 2011. Our feline and canine populations are not far behind. It is also just in the past few years that we as a profession have started to make connections between signs, behaviors and allergic skin disease. At Parkside we now know:

  • An ear infection is rarely just an ear infection.
  • Pulling out fur is almost never due to boredom.
  • Licking feet is not often a random soothing action.

If you have any reason to believe your pet may be suffering with skin disease our team is specially trained and ready to help. This subset of veterinary medicine is Dr. Bertrand’s special interest.

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