6 Lakeshore Drive, North Bay. ON P1A 2A2 705 223 3404

Tanya Sinclair

Hello. My name is Asha. The lady holding me is my mama, Tanya Sinclair. When I was a kitten, 6 years ago, she rescued me from the aftermath of the Toronto Propane Explosion. OK, I admit it really wasn’t that dramatic! But she did find me the morning following the explosion after the ashes had settled, and that’s why she named me Asha. My mama took me in knowing that I had a fragile heart and not knowing how long I might live. She brought me to North Bay, where she has lived for almost 20 years. My mama’s passion for accounting and love for furry companions is what brought her to Parkside Animal Hospital. She tells me that Parkside has become her “happy place.” She feels like she is writing the financial story of the many sweet puppies and kitties lovingly cared for by the wonderful staff. After my first visit, Parkside became my happy place, too.

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